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The globalization of economy has thrown open new opportunities for the people world over to participate in the developmental activities and attain prosperity in all walks of life.  The developing countries have opportunities to improve their socio-economic condition while the advanced countries who are prospering on the basis of knowledge and technology have the opportunities of cooperation of the skilled and unskilled manpower, resources and raw materials for utilization of the technology developed by them for increasing production and well being of the people of the developing countries.  This cooperation will  benefit both the advanced countries and the developing countries.

In this context, countries like India with vast natural resources, excellent agro-climatic conditions and manpower can take full advantage of globalization of economy for all round development of the country and prosperity of the people.  India can thus acquire leadership position in many areas of production, research and development specially in the fields of medicine, agriculture and industries because of the availability of the skilled manpower and favourable agro climatic conditions.  This thrusts great responsibility on the Government of India and the people at large to utilize the opportunities available in various directions.

Viewed in the above background, Zaheer Science Foundation can play an important role in helping India to achieve its great objectives by holding  Conferences, Seminars and discussions with experts, both of the country and abroad.  India has one of the largest genomic source for plant materials and can also be the genomic source for research on new drugs because of variety of diseases not available elsewhere.  Zaheer Science Foundation should have an Information Centre, which will project before the world the scope of collaboration of the advanced countries with India for maximum utilization of such unique opportunities.   This will ensure cooperation in areas of activity which require direction and efforts of the Government of India and the people and draw their attention towards the need for mobilization of efforts and activities for expediting development of the country in collaboration with other countries.  This is a job which Government alone cannot do and requires joint and cooperative ventures with the participation of intellectuals, educationists, scientists and industrialists.

Thus, the mission and vision of Zaheer Science Foundation has acquired a great importance to take full advantage of the globalization of the world economy for making India a great country.