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Name:                 Y. P. Kathuria (Male)

Date of Birth:     09-05-1945           


Nationality:        Indian 

 Email:                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Tel.:                     09878667821



Secretary &Treasurer ZSF


Educational Qualifications


Dr.rer.nat.      (Ph.D)             



Technical University of Darmstadt,  Germany  1985



(Post-Graduate: MS)           



Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany   1976


Language Certificate and Diploma



Punjab University  Chandigarh   1971-1973   India

Professional Experience





2009 - 11     

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Aichi Institute of Technology  Toyota 0472-0392  Japan

Leader R&D      


TechnoCoat Co. Ltd. Fujieda-shi  Shizuoka-ken Japan



Faculty (Prof.)                         


Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science,               

IIT  Bombay, Powai, Mumbai - 400076


Researcher / 

Visiting Scholar/     

Sr. Scientist                             


Robotics Ritsumeikan University Kusatsu-shi, Department   of Precision Engineering, The University of Tokyo, and

Laser X Co., Ltd. Chiryu-shi  Japan



IITD / SRI / NPL Delhi


Wiss. Mit.           


Institute of Applied Physics

Technical University of Darmstadt  Germany

GSF Darmstadt /Muenchen  Germany                             




Member of Professional Societies


1. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers         IEEE            U. S. A.

2. Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers                     JSME           Japan

3. Japan Society of Precision Engineers                        JSPE            Japan

5. American Welding Society                                          AWS             U. S. A.

6. Mineral, Metal and Material Society                           TMS /ASM    U. S. A.

7. Optical Society of America                                          OSA             U. S. A.


Awards /Achievements


Presently serving as a referee for five leading international journals (surface coating technology, material science technology, journal material processing technology) in the field. Served as a reviewer for a book published by TMS / ASM (USA). Served as a peer reviewer for  ICO V handbook published by SPIE. Contributed several book Chapters. Also served as a member technical committee for international symposia /conferences. I was also awarded Travelling Lecturer Program by the International Commission on Optics as well as by ASM international USA. The total number of publications: Intl. Journals: 45; Intl. Proceedings.: 134; Current number of citations of published articles:  > 300


                                                            Teaching courses


(1) Physics tutorial                                                 (2) Manufacturing processes lab.  

(3) Corrosion and protection of materials              (4) Welding science and technology

(5) Advance ceramics      


A partial list of publications /presentations since 1972: ‘Dr. Y. P. Kathuria’ 


(A): Journals Paper Publications :     45 nos.  ( 3 invited )              


(B): Paper /Chapter Publications in a Book or Book-Proceeding: 11 nos.  ( 2 invited )


(C): Full-Length Proceeding Papers: 59 nos.  ( 14 invited )  


(D): National Working Group Seminar and Internal Reports: 8 nos.  ( 4 invited )


(E): Conference Proceedings Short Summary and Presentations: 69 nos.( 5 invited; 1 key-note speaker; 1  plenary speaker )